Software Development

Embedded firmware is specialized software running on a chip to control the systems’ hardware functions. Our software development engineers understand the complex interfaces between hardware and software.

Most importantly, we know how to convert your ideas into software that is user-friendly and works reliably. We have a process that ensures high quality while getting the functionality you need.

Firmware engineers

Our embedded software development engineers and software engineers have developed hundreds of embedded firmware designs including:

  • Embedded microprocessor programming
  • FPGA programming,
  • Linux programming
  • Drivers for Windows
  • Complex Windows applications
  • Android and iOS development

    Our embedded firmware and software development engineers have experience with a wide range of tools and standards including:

    • C (C++, C#, and .NET), Java, and Java Scripts, Visual Basic, Windows device drivers, DLLs, XML, MFC, PHP, MySql, SQL, SQL Server
    • LabVIEW experts
    • Embedded and real-time systems with Free RTOS, VxWorks, ECOS and custom designed operating systems
    • Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android operating systems

    Firmware is software that is stored in hardware in nonvolatile memory. It includes embedded microcontroller code and FPGA code. Rely on Voler for embedded design and FPGA programming.

    A device driver is software that controls a device connected to a microprocessor. We’ve created many Windows, Linux, and Android device drivers.

    An application is a program that has a user interface. It calls device drivers to operate devices. We are experts in Windows, Linux, and Android applications including control circuit software design.

Recent Projects

We deliver tested, robust solutions to meet your business needs. Our proven skill and processes ensure a successful solution to your complex product development. Voler delivers quality products on-time and on-budget.

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